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Google, The New York Times, the 2000 Election and the 26 year old version of myself

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Like many folks out there I use Google Alerts to track the happenings of things I’m interested in. Included in my search query are mentions of myself…..primarily for the purpose of seeing which sites I post on are tracked (and how quickly things get indexed) and also because its interesting to see who’s talking about me. Imagine my surprise when I find this Google Alert from seven years ago regarding the 2000 election. If I recall correctly, I was having lunch with a colleague in Chicago when we were approached…read more


Gibson’s new self-tuning guitar

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Well, this isn’t the first self-tuning system to be available to the public, but its the first made available from a major guitar manufacturer. Since Gibson and Fender are essentially the GM and Ford of the guitar industry, I’m quite skeptical as to the level of quality made available through these mass producers. Then again, after many years of searching for a quality Les Paul I did purchase a 1960 VOS Les Paul Standard within the past year and absolutely love the instrument. I’ll reserve my opinion to when I…read more


Custom Audio Amplifiers (Suhr) OD100 Classic Plus – third time is the charm!

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After about a month in the shop, I received my newly modded Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 Classic Plus (+). This is actually the third time this amp has been modded (was originally an OD100 Standard, then SE, now Classic Plus). My first impressions on this amp are as follows: the character of the gain is still 100% Suhr. It lives in the same family as the SE version of the OD100, however through the conversion to the plexi transformer and the EL34’s some things have really changed. Normally I would…read more


Moving day is here

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Well, its 11:13am on Sunday, April 1st. We were supposed to be on the road at 7am this morning. Needless to say we’re still packing a few (seemingly endless) last minutes items. I probably shouldn’t be writing this post (procrastination) but I wanted to share the craziness of the moment. We had some “troubles” with the moving truck and the driveway yesterday (pictures to follow soon) and eventually had to leave it on the street (read: bad driveway incline). I just wanted to acknowledge the incredible efforts of my good…read more


Last day of work in “Corporate America”

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Well this is it. I graduated college on a Thursday and starting working on the following Monday almost eleven years ago. I never stopped to think about what I wanted to do with my life…..things just found me and I went with them. I’m very grateful for all of the opportunity and good fortune I enjoyed at my 10+ years at MWW Group. Rising from and entry-level nobody to the head of the IT department in just a few years feels like quite an accomplishment. Yet, now I’m hungry for…read more


Last gig in NJ before I move to CO

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I had the pleasure to sit in with my good friends in Suspicious Brown this past Wednesday night at Whiskey Bar. In a sense, it was a bit of a Barbuda reunion without my brother Mark. It was great to play with these guys one more time before we head out west. Hopefully I’ll be able to post the show sooner than later (Damian?).


Quitting the day gig, moving to CO and starting over as a muscian & entreprenuer

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As a 32 year old guy, I’ve come to a major crossroads in my life. With my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis last August (she’s in her 60’s), I thought to myself, would I be happy with the life that I’ve lived if I were told I only had six months to live? The answer to that was a resounding “NO!” I don’t want to work my entire life into retirement, finally able to do what I want and realize I’ve got months to live. What I’ve always wanted was the…read more