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Devil Vibes by SYLVA

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Here’s the second video that Sylva is releasing.  Everything was recorded live as we played it in our rehearsal space to convey the fact that this is a real band!


Brix of Funk by SYLVA

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Many of you know that in addition to the awesome music I get to play withTeresa Storch, I’ve been working with a group of a different genre, one that I have often described as “louder and with more notes!” Today I am over the moon excited to finally share this music with you! This is just the beginning and we have a lot more in store to share with you all in the coming weeks. For now, sit back, crank this up and meet my friends Tony Dickinson, Travis Moberg…read more


You’re not going to believe this chat with Comcast Customer Service!

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Why describe something when you can share exactly what happened?  What follows is my transcript with what amounted to 6 different customer service reps which occurred over the period of three and a half hours last night.  This all began with my desire to upgrade my internet speed and I was actually considering adding cable tv back for the fist time in years because the packages looked really compelling.  Immediately following this chat session, my internet went completely down and has not been recoverable since. user PETER has entered room…read more

Charvel vs Suhr Guthrie Govan Models

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Here’s a very quick comparison between two guitars that share similar DNA. The new Charvel Guthrie Govan signature model as well as the previous Guthrie Govan signature model from Suhr, namely the Antique Modern. Both guitars feature very similar specs, with basswood bodies and maple tops and “roasted” maple necks and fingerboards. While each features its own manufacturers’ respective pickups, the other notable difference is the bridge. The Suhr featured a Gotoh bridge with bent saddles, going for that vintage vibe whereas the Charvel incorporated a brand new bridge manufactured…read more