Charvel vs Suhr Guthrie Govan Models

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Here’s a very quick comparison between two guitars that share similar DNA. The new Charvel Guthrie Govan signature model as well as the previous Guthrie Govan signature model from Suhr, namely the Antique Modern. Both guitars feature very similar specs, with basswood bodies and maple tops and “roasted” maple necks and fingerboards. While each features its own manufacturers’ respective pickups, the other notable difference is the bridge. The Suhr featured a Gotoh bridge with bent saddles, going for that vintage vibe whereas the Charvel incorporated a brand new bridge manufactured in the US that was directly inspired by the very first Floyd Rose bridges that didn’t have fine tuners. I’m going to hold off on any of my personal feelings about the similarities and differences between the two until after you good folks have had a chance to debate the merits of either version. Bottom line, I’d be more than happy with both! FYI – both guitars were played through my Egnater Seminar Head that was modified by David Friedman at Racksystems with he BE/HBE mod, with the Brown Eye channel used in this case.