Moving day is here

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Well, its 11:13am on Sunday, April 1st. We were supposed to be on the road at 7am this morning. Needless to say we’re still packing a few (seemingly endless) last minutes items. I probably shouldn’t be writing this post (procrastination) but I wanted to share the craziness of the moment. We had some “troubles” with the moving truck and the driveway yesterday (pictures to follow soon) and eventually had to leave it on the street (read: bad driveway incline).

I just wanted to acknowledge the incredible efforts of my good friends (in order in which they arrived) Dave Aguanno (logistics commander), Frank Lukany (the piano lifting Juggernaut), Nick “The Stick” Afflito and Mike Tichy. Would couldn’t have done this without you guys and we’re eternally grateful! Much love. Now gotta go pack…..

Next post will *NOT* be in New Jersey!