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Erin Weed a finalist for Best Female Performer

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It’s official! My wife Erin Weed has been chosen by Campus Activities Magazine as a top 5 finalist for Best Female Performer.  This is a tremendous honor in recognition of her speaking on the topics of personal safety and self-defense for women via her Girls Fight Back program.  Please join me in congratulating her on this wonderful accomplishment and cast your vote!


Les Paul Standards vs. Les Paul Customs

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As I’ve been finding myself lately really gravitating to the sound of my VOS 1960 plain top Les Paul Standard, I’ve become curious as to why folks chose Les Paul Standards over Les Paul Customs and vice-versa. Through my own observations, I’d say that most organic classic rock stuff (Allmans, Zeppelin, Skynard, Aerosmith, etc) tends to be played on Standards (with Fogarty & Framptom being the exceptions) while more metal tends to be played on Customs (John Sykes, Zakk Wylde, Adam Jones (Tool), Randy Rhodes, etc). I also realize that…read more


Gibson Les Paul VOS 1960 vs Edwards Les Paul LP130

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In an effort to decode the mystery between high-priced Gibson Les Paul’s and their lower-priced Japanese siblings manufactured by Edwards, we are comparing a Gibson Les Paul VOS 1960 with a Edward Les Paul LP130. We recorded four clips with each guitar, playing essentially the same riffs/changes through the exact same amp & volume settings in order to get a truly fair comparison. To that point, example 1 is a riff (same one that I used to demo the Egnater seminar head last February for Premier Guitar), example 2 is…read more


How to record off your Motorola DVR with OS X and Firewire

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If you’re running a mac with OS X and have a Motorola DVR with Firewire ports on the back (such as the popular Motorola DCT3416), recording digitally from your DVR to your computer is very simple if you follow these steps: 1.  Download and install the latest Firewire Development Kit from Apple.  The download is free, but you do have to register first.  This download will include which is the software you need to capture and/or record from your  FireWire connected HDTV-tuner or DVR. Once this file is downloaded…read more


Danelectro Cool Cat! Pedal Sound Clips

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Through a relationship I’ve built over at the Huge Racks Inc Forum, I was asked to participate in a pilot program to help test out and launch the new Cool Cat! pedals from Danelectro. Pedals tested: Vibe, Fuzz and Metal II Danelectro Cool Cat! In attempt to keeps things equal, I played each pedal via a Suhr Classic (alder body, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Suhr V60LP single coil pickups and Suhr SSC system) through a Custom Audio Amplifiers (CAA) OD100 Classic Plus. Cabs are CAA 1×12’s with Eminence Governors and I…read more


Baker B1 7 – my entrance into the world of the seven string guitar

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During the mid 90’s when it wasn’t cool to be good at guitar, I eschewed the grundge movement and threw myself into the world of jazz. Being a big fan of “Birth of the Cool” music up through the heavy, funky grooves of Medeski Martin & Wood, I decided to focus my efforts on playing bass with my organ trio (sometimes quartet and quintet), Thique. It wasn’t long before I discovered the power of the bass in music, and the bassist among musicians. Truly, the bassist has the power to…read more


Fox News, Cosmopolitan & my wife Erin Weed

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As I’m awaiting my flight to Chicago at DIA, I received word that my wife Erin Weed was featured in a piece on Fox News Business.  As if that wasn’t enough, as of today she’s also in the current issue of Cosmopolitan.


Steve Jobs kills hopes of flash on the iPhone

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With the release of the iPhone SDK just around the corner, many in the tech community were surprised (read: bummed) to learn that there will be no flash support on the iPhone (source: Steve Jobs CNN article). While there are arguments with respect to flash using up too much power (thus prematurely discharging the battery), I’d put my money on Adobe not capitulating to the financial pressures that Jobs is infamous for. Looking forward to the back-story on this one.