Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary Combo Eminence Lil Texas

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This is a demonstration of the Marshall 6101 combo featuring an EL34 power section and the original voicing of the lead channel 3 (not LM). The only modification to this amp was the replacement of the stock speaker with an Eminence Lil Texas – a neodymium based speaker that is voiced for “american blackface amps” but found its way into this amp. While I’m not convinced that other speaker might be better suited to this combo, the tones achieved don’t exactly have me actively looking for a replacement.

The Gear:

GUITAR – Gibson VOS G60 – the Guitar Center version of the 1960 VOS — Burstbucker 2 in the bridge, 1 in the neck.

AMP – Marshall 6101 combo with Eminence Lil Texas 8 ohm speaker

MIC – Sure SM57

I/O – MOTU 896

DAW – Ableton Live 8