iPhone: the cost of being an early adopter

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In typical Steve Jobs fashion, yesterday Apple unveiled the newly refreshed iPod line including the iPod Touch (or neutered iPhone). While most of these products were well received (not so for the iPod Nano “Fatty” – what were they thinking?), the annoucment that thrilled, yet shocked many was the $200 price drop of the 8GB iPhone.

I was an early adopter of the iPhone (July 19). My wife followed suit a few weeks later (her six month old Treo WX just wasn’t looking so sexy next to my iPhone). Typically, the price you pay as an early adopter is that something newer comes out in six to twelve months that makes ones “lastest thing” yesterday’s news (i.e. all but obsolete). The other price of being an early adopter is literally that, the price. But how could we expect that the price of the darn device would drop by a third just weeks later?!! That’s just wrong.

Well, looks like Steve and company have heard some of our cries and responded via this post on Apple’s website. Personally, I would have preferred a $200 credit on iTunes.

I’m not happy.