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Egnater Amp Building Seminar, Premier Guitar Magazine & Video Feature of Yours Truly

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This past weekend I had the priveledge to attend the Egnater amp building seminar outside of Detroit, MI. It was an amazing experience to build my own JTM 45 – inspired amp, let alone to learn about all of the theory behind how and why these things work. I was amazed at seemingly how few of the amp’s components actually let to it sounding like a Marshall, Fender, Vox, etc. The amp sounds great as is, but I’m psyched to get back under the hood and start some tweaking! In…read more

0 and posting my content without credit

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I received an interesting lesson regarding free syndication of content today via Google Alerts. Apparently chose to post some of my videos from my NAMM coverage. Fine, but not only did they not give any credit, they even posted my descriptions verbatim from my YouTube entries. I set the content up to be freely distributed in an effort to help spread the word about certain artists and manufacturers. That said, posting someone else’s content without citing a source or giving credit is totally wrong in my book.


Winter NAMM – Day 1 wrap up

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Highlights: Suhr Modern – new 24 fret model with new body shape, neck joint and neck carve – will own one! Suhr Badger 40 watt – with EL34’s  -  different “flavor” of the original badger – less chime, more midrange snarl – has a solid state rectifier (original Badger has tube recifier) Custom Audio Amplifiers – OD100 Standard and OD100 SE Plus – now I understand what all the fuss is about regarding the current version of the standard.  The SE Plus is certainly an improvement over the SE, put…read more


Blogging The NAMM Show

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Today marks the beginning of coverage of Winter NAMM 2008.  Stay tuned for all the latest and greatest news.  Quick updates will be posted via Twitter  with daily wrap-up articles posted here, complete with photos and video.  Stay tuned!