Rockies vs. Cubs – my first professional baseball game

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Coors Field, Denver, CO

While I’ve never been much of a sports fan (and by much, I mean not at all), I have to say that I now understand why people like spending hours outdoors in the stands drinking beers and eating hot dogs in the beautiful afternoon sun. Its just awesome! Coors Field in Denver, CO is a beautiful park (not that I’ve been to any other ball parks, but I digress) and I thoroughly enjoyed taking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a true

Lisa Weed, Erin Weed and Pete Lacis

pro ball game. I’m now kicking myself for never taking those free Yankee tickets all those years back at my former agency, MWW Group. Better late than never, I suppose.

After the game we weren’t really of the mind to let the party stop. Add the fact that my sister-in-law Lisa was in town for the weekend and we just had to keep on rocking. Gotta lo

ve the consumption of delicious libations on the roof tops of find Denver establishments!