Flying with a pedalboard (a.k.a. “Love notes from the TSA”)

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TSA Love LetterSo I concluded my cross-country zig zag trip after playing a number of shows back east with Suspicious Brown. I was pretty excited that the pedalboard that I built just before the trip had held up so well. During each “hop” of the trip I would find a little “love letter” from the TSA stating that they had been inside my case. I suppose to a baggage screener all that wiring and electronics must look pretty darn odd. So to that point, I suppose I should feel some comfort in the fact that they’re paying attention. Well…..all good things come to an end, I suppose. After returning to Denver, when I picked up my pedalboard from baggage claim at DIA I noticed a distinct “rattling” sound coming from the case. Not good. I proceeded to open her up and found this:

My guess is the folks at Newark Liberty International thought my pedalboard required a closer look. I guess its just too much to ask them to put the thing back the way they found it.

In related news, I posted about this issue over on Scott Henderson’s discussion board and he had the great courtesy to turn me onto the world on 3M’s Dual Lock. Apparently people who fly a lot with their gear don’t use velcro. Live and learn!