Life in Colorado requires discipline

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Pete Lacis and Zoe the Pug

My new life in Colorado has been quite the change. Aside from the joys of home ownership (i.e. yard maintenance, cleaning, and all the time it takes), I was not prepared for the discipline that it takes to manage one’s own life. While that last statement may sound odd, take into consideration the fact that for as long as I can remember, I’ve had some sort of external structure in my life. Whether it was my parents, school or work, some external force was dictating where I have to be when, and what I had to do. Now I have to make all these decisions myself and do all the work myself (whereas in the past I could at least delegate some work to other people). In a sense, I had found myself completely overwhelmed with the number of choices to make on a daily basis. Something had to change.

I realized that in the past I had always worked well against deadlines. Now instead of working against external ones, I am now setting them for myself on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I schedule when I work on music, business, the house, exercise, and when to relax and spend time with my family. All of these things are very important and time must be made for all of them.

So for now I’m happy to report that things have been going very well. I’m finally getting into the groove of things (literally and figuratively) for I’m making enough time for things, and I’m about to embark on a small tour with the Funk, Groove, R&B Sensation Suspicious Brown back east (actually posting from a friends house in Hoboken!). Stay tuned for more!

BTW – another reason why I ceased posting was that the WordPress template I was using was totally giving me grief and it was last on my list to fix (and blogs suck without pictures)!. That will not stop things again! 😉