4am Monday Morning

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One downside to the move out west is all the time that is lost when traveling east (i.e. across multiple time zones). As Erin is now back on the road after a week off, we got to experience the joy of waking up at 4am so that she could make her flight en route to Jacksonville, Florida (via Houston, Texas). The good thing is that its a flat 30 minutes to DIA and I was driving slowly (still getting used to the 70+ mph speed limits out here).

All things considered, its been an insanely productive few days since we arrived in Colorado. We’ve purchased (and installed) much of our furniture and this place is really starting to come together. Next up is prepping the place to be painted, along with getting the local bank account and driver’s license.

On Saturday night I got to check out local band MFA at Trinity in Boulder with my brother and Chris. It was great to hang with them and begin my infiltration of the local music scene. I can’t wait to dive right in!

Now, about that WordPress photo problem….