Welcome to Colorado

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After a very short overnight in Lexington, Nebraska, we hit the road for the final leg out our trip. The landscape morphed from rolly-polly countryside and farmland to vast plans with the widest reaching horizon I’ve ever seen. This meant we were getting close!

With many, many hours on the road with nothing but the loud noise of a diesel engine and the vibrations of a poorly maintained Penske truck, one has plenty of time to be introspective about anything and everything. This trip has helped me realize just how big this country is, and how many different people there are throughout it. I’ve felt my perspective trapped very much in a northeast mentality for as long as I can remember (its all I’ve really ever known). I had taken for granted just how much there is to see and experience out in the world….outside an offices’ walls….outside a traditional white-collar career. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.

We timed the arrival at our new home with a crack moving crew from the Denver area (who came highly recommended) – Two Guys and a Truck. While there were actually four guys, they emptied the truck that took us a day and a half to load in approximately 58 minutes. Seriously.

So we are moved in. We can’t find anything we need yet (still looking for my underwear and socks), but we are beyond happy to be here. Aside from traveling with two mattresses, a couch, a chair and a piano, we don’t really have much and the house looks ridiculously empty. In fact, I’m writing this from an ottoman as Erin is working on her laptop on the floor next to me. We actually just got cable, internet and voip installed a couple of hours ago, so we have a bunch of catching up to do.

Hopefully the next time I write, I’ll have a desk (or table) to write from…..that is if I can find the screws…..seriously.