Schaumburg, Illinois

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Monday we found ourselves traveling through the rest of Ohio, Indiana and into Illinois….our arrival into which (Chicago) was timed precisely for 5pm so we could once again feel the maximum impact of rush hour and add an extra 1.5 hours to the trip just for kicks! 😉

Seriously though, the trip has gone well so far. Zoe (the pug) has yet to go postal nor has she needed any tranquilizers (yet). Erin has been soldiering on following me in the slow-ass Penske truck that won’t travel over 68 mph. That should prove totally excruciating, though, as today we embark on presumably the most ambitious and most seemingly mind numbing portion of the trip…..Iowa and Nebraska. Today is supposed to be a 10-hour day…..the end point of which I don’t quite recall but from what I know of Nebraska, should be somewhat obvious once we reach it. I’m a little nervous about finding places to fuel the diesel truck as I almost ran out of luck yesterday in Indiana.

The only real casualty of the trip (other than my rear-end as the truck has essentially a park-bench for a seat) has been my i-Car-Play or the “thinggy” that lets me play my iPod through the truck’s radio. Well, yesterday, unbeknownst (sp?) to me, said device became entangled in the trucks emergency brake. Like a guillotine, upon release of the brake the lever severed the cord to the i-car-play (and thus, delivered a serious blow to my sanity). Thankfully my wonderful wife is out at Best Buy as I type this so that I don’t completely loose my mind talking to myself whilst traveling through Nebraska this evening.

Wish us luck.

Also…..for the record, I have photos documenting all this fun stuff but WordPress is still giving me grief, and that little bit of trouble shooting will commence once I get to CO. I realize that most blogs aren’t nearly as much fun without pictures, and yes, I suck for not realizing this problem before I left. So fire me. Oh wait, I already fired myself…. 😉