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Last gig in NJ before I move to CO

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I had the pleasure to sit in with my good friends in Suspicious Brown this past Wednesday night at Whiskey Bar. In a sense, it was a bit of a Barbuda reunion without my brother Mark. It was great to play with these guys one more time before we head out west. Hopefully I’ll be able to post the show sooner than later (Damian?).


Quitting the day gig, moving to CO and starting over as a muscian & entreprenuer

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As a 32 year old guy, I’ve come to a major crossroads in my life. With my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis last August (she’s in her 60’s), I thought to myself, would I be happy with the life that I’ve lived if I were told I only had six months to live? The answer to that was a resounding “NO!” I don’t want to work my entire life into retirement, finally able to do what I want and realize I’ve got months to live. What I’ve always wanted was the…read more