Koa and Pau Ferro Suhr Standard – Tone Demonstration Video

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After trying to explain in words some of the inherent qualities of a guitar with a koa body and a pau ferro neck and fingerboard (similar to Reb Beach’s favorite instrument), I decided to put this video together demonstrating a guitar featuring these very tonewoods. This example covers clean, low and high gain scenarios to highlight how these woods work in different genres of music.

Guitar: Suhr Standard, Solid Koa Body, Pau Ferro neck and fingerboard, Pickups: DSH – bridge , V60lp Middle, DSV neck

Amp(s): CAA OD100 Classic + (all but final high gain clip), David Friedman Brow Eye Modded Egnater Seminar Head (final high gain clip)

Cab: CAA 1×12 with Eminence Governor

Effects: Z.Vex SHO (for clean boost section), TC Electronic Nova Delay & Line6 Verbzilla – effected clean section, Xotic Effects BB Preamp for 1st High Gain clip

Recording gear: Mic: SM57, I/O & mic pre: MOTU 896, Software: Ableton Live & Final Cut Express