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Google, The New York Times, the 2000 Election and the 26 year old version of myself

October 13th, 2007

The New York TimesLike many folks out there I use Google Alerts to track the happenings of things I’m interested in. Included in my search query are mentions of myself…..primarily for the purpose of seeing which sites I post on are tracked (and how quickly things get indexed) and also because its interesting to see who’s talking about me. Imagine my surprise when I find this Google Alert from seven years ago regarding the 2000 election. If I recall correctly, I was having lunch with a colleague in Chicago when we were approached by a reporter claiming to be from The New York Times. Apparently he was telling the truth. At least I got the last word in the article.

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Gibson’s new self-tuning guitar

October 2nd, 2007

Gibson’s new self-tuning guitar

Well, this isn’t the first self-tuning system to be available to the public, but its the first made available from a major guitar manufacturer. Since Gibson and Fender are essentially the GM and Ford of the guitar industry, I’m quite skeptical as to the level of quality made available through these mass producers. Then again, after many years of searching for a quality Les Paul I did purchase a 1960 VOS Les Paul Standard within the past year and absolutely love the instrument. I’ll reserve my opinion to when I actually have one in my hands.

Source: Engadget

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